A Testimonial By Howard From Toronto, Canada

 How do you fall in love with Israel?


You let Tova Wald and her staff plan your next vacation there.Despite meeting Tova personally in Toronto, it was bit of a leap of faith to bypass a local, well known Toronto travel agent who specializes in Bar and Bat Mitzvah tours and use a company based in Israel itself.  However, our fears were immediately put to rest the second we saw the smiling VIP service people waiting as we deplaned.  Our private bus was fully stocked with cold water and ready outside the airport.


Once we arrived at our hotel in Jerusalem, a member of Tova’s team was waiting with open arms and a huge welcoming smile.  For the next two weeks, everything went as seamless as one could imagine.  Tova and her staff took such good care of us and made sure that nothing got in the way of our family experiencing the trip of a lifetime.  She helped us plan a two week extravaganza tailored for 9 people ranging from ages 12 to 72, yet staying within our budget.  Tova and her staff chose excellent restaurants and wonderful hotels for each leg of our journey.  Based on our input, Tova created a brilliant mix of sight-seeing and fun activities that are too long to list.  In fact, having a local tour planner allowed us to effortlessly cancel and add activities at the last minute based on the weather conditions or the spontaneous requests within our group.


Over the 14 days, it was so comforting to have occasional personal visits from Tova, Iris, or Orna as they made it a priority to ensure that our group had no issues.  This was on top of being in constant contact with our guide. Speaking of which, Tova chose THE BEST guide in the world for us.  Lyana was so warm and friendly and her knowledge of Israeli study was incredible.  Lyana made sure that everything was 'right' each and every day.   Also, it was an honour to have Avram, a retired decorated Israeli soldier, as our driver. Pertaining to the business side of our trip, Tova’s fees were very reasonable and payments were made simple using wire transfers.  There was a great deal of e-mail communication during the planning stages and phone conversations were easily arranged despite the 7 hour time difference.


Tova Wald is not just a tour planner.  She is an 'event planner'.  Our daughter's Bat Mitzvah celebration was such an 'event'.  It was an experience that will last in our memory forever.  A beautiful, intimate, private ceremony on top of Masada with a youthful, friendly Rabbi was just the beginning.  That evening, after a short candle light guided walk into the mountains near Masada, our family was treated to an incredible secluded, fully catered, dinner party.  Coloured spot lights shun up the mountains and we ate traditional Israeli food at a beautifully decorated table.  After dinner, we danced for hours under the stars with our own D.J.  Tova even arranged for large cooling fans to make sure that we would be comfortable in the high heat of the dessert.  It was a night to remember and it was all due to Tova and her staff's creativity.


Two weeks went by so very fast and it was hard to leave a country and the people that we fell in love with.  Our family cannot thank Tova, Iris, Orna, Debbie, Avram and Lyana enough for the love and care that they gave us during our trip.  We were treated like family and I could not possibly think of using anybody else to plan our next trip back to Israel.


Howard S

Toronto, Canada 





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