On her Website Tova states:
 ‘We will even move Mountains for you’.

For our wedding, she didn’t move a mountain, but she moved everything else to the mountain!  We had the most amazing wedding in the desert, next to Masada in June 2011!  Where everything seemed to be impossible, Tova and her amazing team did not only make everything possible, but they even exceeded our expectations! 

Since we are living abroad, we took a chance and trusted Tova and her Team (Tova’s angels) with the organization 100%. We were not disappointed in one single aspect!  Not only were we the happiest, but also the most relaxed bride and groom, so that we could enjoy every single second of our wedding!  Our family and friends still have a big smile on their face when they talk about this special event!  This is how it should be and that is what we want to thank you for Tovale!  We love you and your angels!  


Nora & Filip


A Testimonial By Nora and Filip From Germany





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