A Testimonial By Marion From Canada

I was first put in contact with Tova in January of 2005 when I was planning my eldest daughters Bat Mitzvah and my nephew' Bar Mitzvah.  I spoke with her on the phone, was pretty certain that we shared the same vision, but being the controlling person that I am went over in April of that year with my brother to meet her.  We hit it off immediately.  We checked out a few sites for the Bar and Bat.  When we were up north in Gamla, where my brother hoped to hold his son's Bar, I asked Tova how we would get the people who were elderly down the mountain (and then up again).  She told me not to worry about it.  She would have a mini bus bring them up and down.  When I asked her what would happen if a boulder was blocking the small road (signs indicated that this happens sometimes), she responded without a blink, that she would have a bulldozer on standby.  This proved to me that Tova is a woman who thinks of every detail and nothing fazes her. I left the country knowing that these events would be everything we hoped for.


It is not easy planning2 events for one group of people.  Each child had to have their own special day, equal, yet different,  tailored to their likes and dislikes. We spoke on the phone many times and communicated via email. When we arrived in Israel a few days before our tour was starting I met with Tova to go over any last minute details.  I had forgotten to ask her to order some personalized kippa's.  I didn't think that even she could get this done in a matter of days. 2 days later they were done. Exactly how I had envisioned them to be.  Her painstaking attention to detail is one of her great strengths. Both simchas turned out fabulously.  I could not have asked for anything better.  Both Rebecca (my daughter) and Jeremy (my nephew) were thrilled and we couldn't wait to plan daughter #2's event. In August of 2007 we went back to celebrate Taia's Bat Mitzvah.


Basically the same group of people (about 50 relatives and friends).

Tova wowed us once again.  This summer we are going to celebrate my sons (Kobe and Riley) and my nieces, Bar and Bat.  I know that I really don't have to plan a thing.  I just let Tova know when and how many we are going to be and she will plan it all.


Tova is absolutely the best.  She is so well connected in Israel, not only with the main players, but with smaller independent proprietors. She is able to plan a program that visits all of the normal 'tourist' sites, but also those that the big companies overlook. She seeks out the most original venues and creates an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.  





February 2014






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