A Testamonial By S.L. from USA

Dear Tova, Nurit, and Iris.   

We wanted to thank you once again.  Our vacation far surpassed our expectations thanks to all of you.  

Feedback:  (1) Starting in Zichron Yaakov is ideal, particularly given we got to meet Tova, and we never would have thought of it in a million years. It's such a serene spot to introduce a traveler to Israel who has never been and a great base for the activities in the north.  (2)  Mitzpe Hayamim was also perfect (we also never would have thought of this).  (3) The Golan far surpassed our expectations.   I want to go back again and hike more.   Chocolate factory was "OK", felt a little contrived.   If I were to re-do, I would leave more time for hiking and Mount Bental, less chocolate.  (3) Military base interaction was perfect. (4) Weizmann Institute was impressive.  You should try to encourage anyone who visits Ayalon Institute to take the time to also go to Weizmann.   (5) Our fault, but we ended up choosing Palmach museum over Rabin museum.   I think that was the wrong choice. 

Overall, we had a truly wonderful time.   Kids said it was most interesting family vacation we've ever had (and we agree). 

Thank you again.








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