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Tova Wald / A Note from the Founder


Dear Traveler,

Looking back, I credit my passion for travel and my affinity for seeing the world and experiencing diverse cultures and religions to my grandmother Mazal (‘fortune’ in Hebrew), who was a great inspiration to me.

Mazal began her walk on foot in 1932 from Bukhara (Uzbekistan) to Jerusalem (Israel), together with her children, a guide and a donkey.  Upon her arrival in Palestine, she married a man who was divorced with three daughters, and together they had eight children.  I am the first granddaughter of that marriage. 

Another individual who influenced the direction of my life was a Bedouin chief by the name of Halil Abu Rabia.  He was like a father to me and taught me the wisdom and the secrets of the desert. 

Through my aunt, who had a restaurant in New York City (U.S.A), I learned that a vital ingredient for any successful business is a distinctive product with an emphasis on the delivery of the highest quality of service and the painstaking attention to detail.  These values are an integral part of my boutique travel business ethos.

Over the course of my career, I have been inspired by wonderful clientele and I am surrounded by remarkable people who share my enthusiasm for delivering outstanding travel and event experiences.  Furthermore, I consider myself extremely fortunate given the fact that after all these years, I continue to be passionate about my work and have the privilege of helping create countless lasting memories for others.



Tova Wald

Founder, Tova Wald Boutique Travel & Events Ltd


Orna has been Tova Wald Ltd Operation Manager since 2003.  Her 18 years of experience in the fields of travel operations, co-ordination and service excellence has enabled Tova Wald Ltd to distinguish itself from its peers as the premium travel and event planning organization in Israel.  Orna had previously lived in Morocco for couple of years, adding those to her many world-wide contacts ensuring an elite experience for our clients virtually anywhere in the Middle East. 


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Talia has always always been passionate about traveling exploring and experiencing new cultures, she loves the research and creation of new adventures

Talia is fluent in Spanish, Hebrew and English. Has vast experience organizing and coordinating trips and events for our clients from around the world to various destinations except Israel is super valuable for us when planning unique trips to remote destinations such as Cuba, Ethiopia, Guatemala, El-Salvador and of course her native country - Peru

In the past worked for the Jewish Agency for Israel coordinating educational programs for Latin American and European students in Israel, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic


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Marina is fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian, immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union.  She has extensive travel experience throughout South America, Europe and the Far East. Marina is our operating Coordinator, she commands a team of experts on the ground that guaranties that all of our private and corporate events operate with the attention to detail our clients expect. 

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