Conciergerie & VIP Services

Conciergerie & VIP Services


We are a leader in luxury travel to Israel, providing our VIP guests with a wide range of first-class services. Our attention to detail, dedication to excellence and masterfully executed programs and services are carried out with precision & passion.


What truly sets us apart is our extensive knowledge of travel and local connections, allowing our guests to gain access to remarkable locations and enjoy one-of-a-kind personalized travel opportunities. We can fulfill just about any request from Israel air travel on private planes, experiencing Israel by helicopter, sailing on luxurious yachts, golfing on prestigious courses and dining in renowned restaurants. Each travel day will begin and end at wonderful resorts & villas overlooking the Mediterranean sea or desert terrain, charming mountain top bed and breakfasts in the Golan Heights and luxury hotels in Tel Aviv.


Our company adheres to strict confidentiality policies, allowing our distinguished and acclaimed clientele to enjoy full privacy for the duration of their journey. The possibilities are endless and our team is here to provide you with all-encompassing professional, reliable and personalized services.






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