Family Trips

Private Travel

by Tova Wald

by Tova Wald

Life is beautiful. It’s about Giving.
It’s about Family. Walt Disney.

When properly planned, traveling with your family can be a transformative experience that fosters reconnection and allows relationships to grow & flourish. We work closely with you to handcraft an itinerary that pairs sophistication with leisure and creates a balance between time with the family and moments for solo exploration.

We listen to your family’s interests and travel goals and manifest a bespoke itinerary that meets every wish and desire. Our ultimate focus is to achieve the seemingly impossible - for your family to experience Israel in a stimulating yet relaxed manner.

קָפֶה יָרֹק קָפֶה קָלוּי קָפֶה טָחוּן. קָפֶה תֶּה מָתוֹק טָבוּל בְּנַעְנַע תְּחִלָּתָהּ שֶׁל יְדִידוּת נִפְלָאָה., טובה ואלד