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by Tova Wald

by Tova Wald

First we eat,
then we do everything else. M.F.K. Fisher

Israeli cuisine has become a staple trend in thriving culinary and dining scenes around the world, mixing the flavors of the Middle East and the Jewish Diaspora.

Travelers arriving in Israel can experience firsthand the truly authentic and unequivocally delicious flavor profiles that will delight any palette. Our Israeli food specialists and guides will take you to marketplaces, organic farms, orchards and world-acclaimed vineyards across the country, where you’ll be captivated by the distinct culinary cultures and offerings unique to each region, from the Golan Heights and Galilee in the north to the desert and Bedouin-style cooking in the south. Interactive experiences – from gourmet Israeli food workshops to farm-to-table cooking classes – will bring you to a higher and more delicious understanding of Israel’s modern history, climate and geography.

We offer our guests exclusive invitations to dine where no other tourists can, including the Chef’s Table (a VIP and strictly reserved table in a restaurant’s kitchen), private dining outings and reservations at Israel’s top addresses. Israel retains a rich mixture of locavore cuisine, unparalleled produce and innovative minds behind the kitchen that reflect the modern mosaic of the country. Dining across the destination is simply not to be missed.


סַקְסוֹפוֹן מִתְאַהֵב בְּסוֹלוֹ, מְאַלְתֵּר אֶת קִיּוּמוֹ הַזְּמַנִּי, שַׁמְפַּנְיָה מִתְרַפֶּקֶת עַל נֶתַח פִילֶה מַשְׁמִידָה קַבַּרְנֶה אָדֹם.,טובה ואלד