Desert Quest

Private Travel

by Tova Wald

by Tova Wald

The desert will tell you a different story every time you're there

Israel’s Negev Desert offers a spiritual and serene atmosphere for those to discover both the beauty of nature and the internal self. Our team retains more than 30 years of experience in traversing Israel’s diverse and majestic desert - we have the logistics down to a science. Our transformative journeys in the heart of the vast wilderness of the Negev Desert can span for several days and are led by carefully vetted guides that will take you through rarely trekked trails unknown to the common hiker. Each Desert Quest itinerary is tailor-made to meet the exact requirements of the travelers and suited for couples, families and intimate, pre-organized groups.

With our cooperation with Six Senses Shaharut, we redefine desert experiences. 

הַמִּדְבָּר הִשְׁאִיל לָנוּ קִרְבָה הַשְׁרָאָה מֶרְחָב פְּנִימִי. אַהֲבָה. עַכְשָׁו גַּעְגּוּעַ.,טובה ואלד