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We are a leader in hosting and designing innovative, dynamic and engaging corporate programs and events in Israel to meet your target goals and objectives.


We are a highly experienced, one-stop service provider covering all aspects of your event. Our team can assist you in selecting an appropriate venue, negotiating contracts on your behalf, designing your event’s concept and theme, creating table displays and decorations, presenting you with an array of fantastic caterers, and arranging your entertainment.


We understand that the success of an event hinges on meticulous attention to detail. Our motivated and professional team leaves nothing to chance and delivers a flawless and superior product designed to surpass expectations.


Outdoor Team Building Activities


We understand that team building activities are crucial to the development of leadership skills, team productivity, communication and group cohesion. Our company has experience and expertise in organizing life-changing activities & retreats in Israel for countless global corporations.


Our team of experts develops creative and engaging programs to awaken and challenge your group.  Through our dynamic and inspiring activities, we will challenge your team to explore fresh ideas and implement creative solutions that can be transferred back to the work environment.  Within a two to four day period, program participants can experience activities on the Mediterranean sea, outings in the Negev desert, treks up mountains in the Galilee, and expeditions in caves, forests, and nature reserves and ancient sites. The options, combinations and locations for corporate activities are endless and diverse.


Below you will find a description of several popular activities that we regularly host in Israel. Please note that our one-of-a-kind corporate team building events will be specifically tailored to your needs, objectives and goals to create a memorable, fun-filled learning opportunity for all.