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Our Nature

Our Nature


Since our founding in 1987, Tova Wald Boutique Travel & Events has provided our distinct and discerning clientele with luxury once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences and one-of-a-kind production of events catered to their needs.


Your journey begins the moment you decide to utilize our services and rest assured that every detail will be handled with care and immense attention to detail. Every request, no matter how small, will be incorporated into your tailor-made travel itinerary. We pride ourselves on anticipating your every need and accompanying you throughout this exciting process – leaving you to enjoy a novel, innovative and extraordinary travel journey.


Programs are custom made to your specific requirements, providing the optimum balance between active time and relaxation. Our dedicated, professional and attentive team share your passion for travel.


Tova Wald Boutique Travel & Events understands the importance of the skills and character of your tour guide and the influence they will have on your experience. Our guides are experts in various disciplines and longtime personal colleagues, who can offer vast knowledge in the fields of history, archeology, ecology, botany, desert studies, anthropology and more. Most importantly, they share a genuine love of the country you are exploring.


Our team is continually developing new activities and opening undiscovered travel routes in order to provide you with superior luxury  programs.

It is our mission to stay current at the forefront of the events and travel industry. We understand that the most important element of any event is authenticity. We will prepare all the design work and stage your milestone exclusive events from A to Z, providing you with a sensational experience and the delivery of personalized services of the highest caliber.


The continued success of Tova Wald Boutique Travel & Events is our commitment to excellence, impeccable safety record, creativity, innovation, originality and the delivery of a distinctive product ensuring complete satisfaction.


You work hard all year.  Let us pamper you on the adventure of a lifetime by allowing us to create your private and luxurious journey. We invite you to join us for a truly exceptional world of travel and events production!


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