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We believe that cuisine is one of the principle highlights of any luxurious travel adventure in Israel. In partnership with many of the country’s leading gastronomic figures, we have designed exclusive culinary tours & experiences in israel that expose you to the extraordinary food, unique wine and rich culinary traditions of Israel’s many diverse communities and regions.


By virtue of its diversity, Israeli cuisine reflects a mix of traditions and cultures. The result is an authentic and truly delicious flavor profile that will delight any palette. Our tours will take you to marketplaces, farms, orchards and world-acclaimed vineyards across the country, where you’ll be captivated by the distinct culinary cultures & offerings in each region. Interactive experiences like gourmet Israeli food workshops and cooking classes will expose you to the local history, climate and geography of Israel.


Our guests are extended unique & exclusive dining invitations, including to the Chef’s Table (a VIP and strictly reserved table in a restaurant’s kitchen), private dining outings and reservations at Israel’s top addresses.

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