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Sports & Adventures

Israel is the perfect destination for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Don’t be fooled by its small size; Israel’s geography and diversity in terrain & temperature provide the conditions for every imaginable activity.  Within a two to four day period, our guests can immerse themselves in a majestic wilderness trek, dive in the magnificent waters of the Red Sea or challenge themselves while rock-climbing or rappelling in remote locations.


The winter months in Israel offer visitors the chance to ski Mount Hermon’s spectacular slopes and tour the upper Galilee region through exciting off-road jeep excursions in Northern Israel. Year-round, visitors seeking an exotic desert adventure in the Negev can explore the South with an intensive voyage that can be customized to include activities like hiking, jeeping, camel caravaning, and horseback riding.


Cyclists can join our newly designed tours through the Negev, Judean Desert, or Israel’s densely forested regions. Alternatively, you can choose to explore Israel’s urban landscapes through intimate and personal city tours.


Regardless of your preferences, needs & requirements, our knowledge, experience and dynamic guides will skillfully lead you on a breathtaking journey of a lifetime. The possibilities are endless, the combinations are diverse, and the thrills are everlasting.

Sports & Adventures





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